Rune Bo Jakobsen

By October 3, 2018 Artists

Rune Bo Jakobsen

Danish artist Rune Bo Jakobsen has studied, worked and tutored in Denmark, Arizona, Italy, Finland, Greece, Mexico and Malta. During The Trail he will be demonstrating his techniques in painting and sculpture.

Living in Valletta, Jakobsen finds inspiration in Malta’s limestone cities and in the reflections in its harbours. In his paintings, Rune reveals the colours hidden in the shadows.

Rune was supported by the Malta Arts Fund in 2013 for his travelling public work ‘Popcorn’. Rune experiments with concrete sculpture, creating ‘expanding’ volumes and sensory experiences. His sculptures include the ‘Embryonic Horse’, a limited series bronze cast addressing nature, infancy and sensation.

In parallel with his 2016 Valletta ‘Backstreets’ paintings, Rune has developed timber sculptures, combining the negative space used in casting with his architectural background where space, mass, light and movement are expressed in a three-dimensional form.

Jakobsen studied at the Istituto Statale d’arte di Orvieto & Monopoli in Italy between 1993-94 followed by a masters in Architecture in Denmark between 1994 and 2000. His portraits are published in The National Portrait Gallery of Malta by Nicolas De Piro and published illustrations in DC2015 for the Planning Authority in Malta. His paintings and sculptures have found home in Italy, England, Denmark, Finland, United States, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Riga, Australia, Malta & Iceland.